Welcome to Harriet and Violet, a website designed to allow early years teachers, practitioners and parents to access and share innovative ideas and educational resources for use in the classroom or home.

Harriet and Violet evolved from a love of teaching and a passion for design. Whilst specialising in early years education in London I dedicated hours to creating resources designed to support learning, encourage participation and stimulate creativity in young children.

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding and highly demanding profession and time is often in short supply. The aim behind Harriet and Violet is simply to make free, printable resources easily available without compromising on quality or design. Teachers and parents can have confidence that the resources available to download have been thoughtfully developed using the expertise gained over many years of experience in primary and early years education.

As I am now working from home with my young son, I will be posting more early years ideas and updated resources designed.  I hope to inspire adults and promote an engaging and inclusive learning experience for children at home or in schools.  Follow me on Instagram to keep up to date. Share your own ideas and resources using #harrietviolet .

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more. 



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